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Gardening During Trying Times

We were on hiatus during the month of February. This is not how we expected the world to be when we returned. During these times, I am grateful that I am a gardener. As most of you know, we are starting a new garden after moving from our first home where we lived for 12 years.

One of my sons was really angry that we had to start over. As you will see from the Facebook live video I will link below, Gardener James did not have the best attitude. After the live video ended, I asked him about his attitude. He shared that he wished we could have taken all of the raised garden beds with us. In theory, we could have done this, but I was really looking forward to building a new garden from scratch. We did take the perennial herbs which are now in front of our new house. He did not seem to care about this. We did not take the mint which was one of his favorite plants.

I also know that my sons, Gardener James and Gardener Jerry, are adjusting to life at home away from their teachers and their friends. I understand that there is a lot going on. Despite this, we must press forward.

Tomorrow, we plan to have a family meeting to discuss what we want to plant. We will try to Facebook live this also.

Click here to view our Facebook Live video from today. Below, you can see pictures from our work with our herbs today.


Remember, anyone can be a gardener. You just need to get ready, get set, and grow!

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