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Garden 2010


The summer of 2010 was our 2nd year as gardeners.  We decided to expand our garden each year.  From the previous year, we kept the tomatoes, bell peppers, banana peppers, and cabbage.  Instead of kale, we decided to try collard greens.  We also purchased a topsy turvy tomato planter that had six holes for growing plants.  In the larger three holes, we placed our tomato plants and in the smaller three holes, we decided to plant our first herb, basil.  Our other new editions were honeydew melons and okra.






  • Honeydew melon grew and grew everywhere.  We were constantly moving the vines to prevent it from wrapping around other plants

  • The basil grew well and I was able to walk outside, pick it and use it in my cooking for the day.

  • The okra plant produced consistently as well as our peppers and greens.





  • Our tomato plant did not produce as well.  The previous year, we grew them out of our raised bed.  The three tomato plants became top-heavy in the topsy turvy.  Some snapped or had brown leaves and stems.

  • Watering the tomatoes in the topsy turvy was difficult and time-consuming.

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