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Big Green, Kimbal Musk's nonprofit, aims to improve communities through building school learning gardens.

Ron Finely is, "igniting a (horti)cultural revolution!"  He is pushing for gardening in the inner city to be the norm.

Patti Moreno shares tips and ideas for organic gardening.

A great resource for gardening articles and supplies.

According to its website, the Indiana Black Farmers Co-Op's mission is "education, collaboration, and good healthy food."


Young entrepreneur, Mikaila Ulmer, is the founder of BeeSweet Lemonade.  Her lemonade is based on her grandmother's recipe and she uses honey for the sweetener. Her slogan is. "Buy a Bottle...Save a Bee."  A percentage of her profits go to organizations striving to save honey bees. 

Joey and Holly Baird post youtube videos about growing food organically.

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