Garden 2012


The summer of 2012 was our 3rd year as gardeners.  From the previous years, we decided to grow:  honeydew melon, cabbage, banana peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes, okra, and basil.  Our new additions included:  zucchini, strawberries, rosemary, and lavender.  We decided to not grow any greens this year.  





  • The zucchini grew extremely well, so well that it was taking over the 3 x 6 raised bed. We had to give them away because it grew so well!

  • The lavender and rosemary also grew well.  The lavender's fragrance made our sunroom a relaxing place to be.  The rosemary added a savory taste to many meat dishes.



  • Our cabbages' growth was stunned because the zucchini took over the bed. The zucchini also prevented the okra from reaching its full potential.

  • We grew the strawberries in hanging pots outside of our sunroom.  We only harvested a few strawberries from each pot.  

  • We grew the bell peppers in a smaller topsy turvy inside of our sunroom.  The pepper plant grew but never produced peppers.

  • The lavender did not winter over well and did not continue to grow the following summer.

  • Managing one-year-old twin boys and a garden was difficult.  This resulted in my perennials (hostas, snow on the mountain and daylilies) taking over their beds.