Welcome to my website Gardener Shicole!  Here you will be able to follow my family‚Äôs gardening journey which includes urban gardening and harvest recipes.


Who is Gardener Shicole?


My name is Shawnta (Shawn-tay) Shicole and I am a married mother of eight-year-old identical twin boys.  When I am not gardening, I am a middle school academic dean. I supervise and evaluate all middle school English and social studies teachers and the art teacher. I'm an education writer and editor for IndyK12 (formerly known as Indy/Ed) & I host an education podcast called Brazen Education. Last, I am the CEO & Co-Founder of Barnes Brothers Books, LLC.


Born in Jeffersonville, Indiana, but raised in Indianapolis, I was taught at an early age the power of connecting family through growing your own food.


My Journey to Gardening!


When I was a child, I remember visiting my Great Uncle Moses' home and walking through the many rows of his large vegetable garden. People from his neighborhood stopped by on the weekends to socialize and to pick vegetables.  When I was in first grade, my parents purchased a house.  A couple of years later, my dad and his cousin tilled part of our backyard and we started our own garden. Having a garden in my backyard as a child grew my love of gardening.



In 2006, I married my wonderful husband Jermaine and the following year, 2007, we purchased our first house.  In a similar fashion to what my father did, a couple of years after living in our home, I wanted to begin my own garden.  In 2009, my dad built us a 3 x 6 raised bed, and we have been gardening ever since. Now, we get to pass on our love of gardening to our twin boys.



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