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During 2020, we grew: oregano, thyme, mint, French tarragon, lavender, sage, basil, green onion, kale, French dressing radish, black seeded simpson lettuce, pole beans, sweet banana pepper, bell pepper, cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumber, zucchini, cherry tomato, and regular-sized tomato.


I hope I did not forget anything!





Garden 2020

We have been urban gardeners for over a decade!  







  • Despite the pandemic, we were able to have 12 raised beds.

  • We were able to give food to our close relatives safely during the pandemic. 

  • Gardeners Jerry and James planted plants, watered plants, and harvested independently of Gardener Shicole!



  • We moved into a new house in October 2019, and we had to start over mostly from scratch. We transplanted some perennials but all of them did not survive.

  • The pandemic caused major delays in getting the garden beds and supplies we needed to build a new garden.

  • My job as a school administrator during the pandemic took me away from my garden more than I wanted.

New Experiences

  • We tried to grow Brussel sprouts from seed but they didn't grow. At least we tried!

  • Gardeners Jerry and James were able to help build a garden for the first time.

From Our Boys


  • Jerry - I really liked the garden last year, but I was really sad that we moved and had to start over. We had more space so that was good. I liked that we grew watermelon and canteloupe.


  • James - I liked that all of the plants were in one area and the plants are easier to water at our current house. I liked the cherry tomatoes, kale, and mint. Sometimes I would just pick the kale, clean it, and eat it while I was outside. I like our garden because the food is good and natural.

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