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During 2022, we grew: oregano, thyme, mint, French tarragon, lavender, sage, basil, green onion, kale, Brussel sprouts, spinach, okra, bell peppers, banana peppers, radishes, peas, cantaloupe, cucumbers, cherry tomato, and regular-sized tomato.


I hope I did not forget anything!





Garden 2022

The gardening journey continues!  






  • We had lots of Brussels sprouts!

  • All herbs grew well; we had too much.. 

  • Gardeners Jerry and James planted plants, watered plants, and harvested independently of Gardener Shicole!



  • The tomatoes, except for the cherry tomatoes, did not grow well.

  • Cabbage moths!!!

  • Conducting a research study for my dissertation took me away from my garden more than I wanted.

New Updates

  • We grew two new kinds of tomato plants.

  • We installed more beds. We still don't have enough garden beds yet. Hopefully, in 2023, we can finish this task. .

From Our Boys


  • Jerry - We planted a diverse amount of plants. Some I hadn't planted before, but not my brother and me. All the plants tasted good and gardening was pretty fun. 


  • James - I am glad we planted different kinds of tomatoes that we have not planted before. Unfortunately, some of the full-size tomatoes did not grow as well, and the cherry tomatoes grew too much. I got tired of picking cherry tomatoes.

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