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Collecting Seeds

‪As always, we planted pole beans. This year, we grew tri-color pole beans. Our green beans were green, yellow, and purple. Just so you know, the purple green beans turn green when cooked. I love the pop of purple color in the garden. This prompted me to grow tri-color green beans this year.

Unfortunately, we didn't pick our green beans as frequently as we should have, so some dried right on the vine.

This past weekend, my sons picked all the green beans whether they were dried or not.

Below, Jeremiah is holding the bowl of the fresh green beans, and James is holding the bowl of the dried green beans.

Even though we can't cook the dried green beans, this is still a blessing. Instead of waiting for days for the green beans to dry inside our house, they were already dried outside by the sun. This allowed us to bring them right into the house and collect the seeds. Then, my sons were challenged to divide up the three seed types evenly so an approximately equal amount of seeds went into each seed packet, and there were three different types of seeds in this package.

Based on how many seeds my sons collected, this is about how many seeds went into each seed packet.

We were able to make 12 tri-color pole bean seed packets.

This year, we have made seed collecting a priority. Yes, seed packets are cheap to purchase, but each year, I try to teach my sons a new component of gardening. As an educator, I know children need multiple opportunities to practice a task to become competent.

So far this year, we have collected pole beans seeds, banana peppers seeds, bell peppers seeds, and radish seeds.

My sons did a good job with this process ... also, the more they learn, the more they can do. It's a win-win for mom!

*Bonus Video*

Here's a video I took of a bee having a great meal on our pole bean plant.


Remember, anyone can be a gardener. You just need to get ready, get set, and grow!

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