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Time to Ketchup

Right when summer was coming to a close, my tomatoes plant said it was time to shine. We had so many full-sized tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. We froze them, had them in salad, ate them on their own. My sons reminded me about how I said I would make ketchup again. That was years ago. Apparently, they remember, and apparently, they were no longer accepting later as an answer.

I got out my new food mill. My last one needed to be replaced. I bought it two years ago before we moved into our current home. I hadn’t opened it yet. On a school night, when I was supposed to be on a Zoom call for a meeting for a committee I’m on in their school district, I opened the box and got to work. I ended up being late once I remembered I was supposed to be there. I was on Zoom stirring the ketchup for the last thirty minutes of the meeting.

If you never had homemade ketchup, you are missing out. It is a labor of love even with a food mill. It is worth it. I gave a jar to my aunt and uncle and they loved it. In the future, I hope to not go years in between making ketchup. Once I make it enough, I’ll post a recipe. I always like to play around with the spices.

Although winter is coming upon us, I plan to keep you all in the loop about my garden. I have decided to keep working on garden projects unless it is too cold to do so. Now that I have my dad’s extra warm coat that I had resized to fit me, I might be working outside in the cold a lot more.


Remember, anyone can be a gardener. You just need to get ready, get set, and grow!

To keep up with our 2021 garden, make sure you are connected to us on social media:

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