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Hats Off to Garden 2020!

We are excited to take our followers behind the scenes as we embark on starting a brand new garden. It's hard to walk away from a garden that we created and worked on for years. It's where my sons learned how to plant their first seeds. I remember their little legs stumbling around the raised beds trying to help Mommy harvest...although something that meant they pulled up an entire plant! I'll always have those memories. Now, it is time to create new memories.

Memory one recently took place. My husband and I decided years ago that we did not need to exchange gifts on Christmas, our birthdays (they are four days apart), or Valentine's day. We believe that if you feel so moved, buy a gift then. Don't wait for a certain day. A couple of days after Christmas my husband says, "I have decided to get you a Christmas gift." I laughed because Christmas was clearly over. I also wondered what he was going to get. What moved him to buy me an item? He gave me no hints.

Since I'm an educator, I was home for two weeks for winter break. A few days later after my husband announced he was buying me a Christmas gift...after Christmas, he calls and informs me that he was notified that a package was delivered to the house for me. I went outside and found a big box on the porch. I braced myself for the box being heavy, but it was not. It was light. Upon opening it, I found a hat, and I smiled.

I have a few dedicated gardening hats, but they are faded and beat up. Occasionally, I put out a cute one that I don't wear much while I'm doing laborious gardening tasks such as the one I'm wearing in the welcome video on my YouTube channel. Also, my niece decided that one of those hats is her hat when she is at my house, so I really needed a new hat.

Below, I have included the tag, so you can see where he purchased it.

Next, I'll have to get a visor. When my hair is in an afro, it won't fit under any hat. That's when I rock a visor instead.

This is memory one, and it's a good memory. If you see Mr. Barnes around Indy, give him a high five or a pat on the back. He did well. He did really well with this gift purchase.


Remember, anyone can be a gardener. You just need to get ready, get set, and grow!

To keep up with our 2020 garden, make sure you are connected to us on social media:

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