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Gardening with Grandparents

My parents were the catalyst for why I am a gardener. Not only do my children learn gardening from me, but they also have the opportunity to help out in my parents' garden.

My parents and I both grow tomatoes and greens, but we also grow a lot of different items which allows us to trade. In the picture above, my sons are harvesting beets with my mom. I have never grown beets because my parents always grow several rows of them. My parents also have a grapevine too. Any videos we have done with grapes were possible because we were able to harvest grapes from my parents' garden.

Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of my dad. I'm selective about photographing him because he doesn't like to get photographed much. Last week, he was building an herb box for my mom. I have been one of the only people who grew herbs, but now my dad wants my mom to grow some herbs and for me to help her with harvesting and learning how to dry them. The picture below is the raised bed he built. The front slender rectangle will be for the herbs, and the back will be for strawberries. The hoops over the raised bed will allow my dad to cover it to keep out insects and birds.

Check out the photos of my boys in my parents' garden over the last two weekends.


Remember, anyone can be a gardener. You just need to get ready, get set, and grow!

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