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Gardener Shicole's Top Ten Videos of the Decade

In 2007, my husband and I moved into our first home. In 2009, we started our first garden. Gardening was part of my life growing up, and I wanted it to continue being part of my life. From 2008-2019, we had a garden every year with the exception of 2011. In 2011, our family went from two to four; our identical twin boys, Jeremiah and James, were born. Twin babies take a lot of time and energy. Even though I did not intentionally plant a garden, we still had honeydew melons. They grew from the seeds left on the ground from the honeydew melons we grew the previous year.

On October 11, we purchased our second home. When we moved into our first home, we thought it would be our forever home. We did not have a pantry and lacked storage throughout the house. To become sustainable, you need somewhere to store your produce. We made the difficult decision to move. We absolutely love our new house. We said good to our first house on December 13. We sold it to a man that has a mother who plans to grow food in the garden beds we left behind. It warms my heart to know that food will still be growing there.

I can't believe we have been gardeners since 2009. Let's take a look back at the most popular videos from our YouTube channel. If for some reason you missed them, check them out now!

10. Meet Gardener Shicole

I decided that my YouTube channel needed a welcome video. I'm glad people actually watch it when they come to our channel.

9. Apple Picking at Stuckey Farm 2014

We love picking apples. We wanted to grow our own apples. We planted an apple tree a year ago. That just means we will have to plant one or two more at our new home.

8. Update: Growing Honeydew Melon and Cantaloupe Vertically

This video is an update on how our honeydew melon and cantaloupe did this year.

7. Indeterminate vs. Determinate Tomato Plants

This video was in response to questions I constantly received about tomato plants. One of the top questions I was asked was, "What is the difference between indeterminate versus determinate tomato plants?"

6. Saying Goodbye to Gardener Lindbergh Guyse

This video is at my great uncle's house after his funeral. The family gathered to harvest his garden. It was bittersweet, but I'm glad I was there to help. I still miss talking about growing food and cooking the food we grew with him.

5. Summer Solstice Garden Harvest

A couple of years ago, my nieces happened to be staying with me during the week when the summer solstice took place. I got them outside with my boys to help harvest some produce.

4. Mason Jar Ice Cream

During that same week, we made mint ice cream using mint leaves from the garden.

3. Growing Pumpkins and Watermelons Vertically Update

This is an update video to a video I did about how to grow pumpkins and watermelons vertically.

2. Cabbage and Greens Harvest 2014

This video brings me all the feels! First, it was so hot that day. I wanted to harvest greens and cabbage and get back inside, but bees got in the way. It ended up being a great time to see if my children remembered the important job of bees. To find out if they remembered at age five, you'll have to watch the video! Also, their voices are so adorable!

1. Growing Pumpkins and Watermelons Vertically

Special shout out to my children. They are the reason why I decided to do this video. They told me I should get in front of the camera more. The topic was growing pumpkins and watermelon vertically. This video has been the most popular video on our YouTube channel since I uploaded it.

The next decade is going to be wonderful! We can't wait to make more videos, and we hope you all will keep watching. Don't forget to subscribe so you will know when will post a video!


Remember, anyone can be a gardener. You just need to get ready, get set, and grow!

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