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Friend or Foe: A Fox in Your Garden

I haven't seen Peter for a while. That's what I call any rabbit that lurks around my yard. What I have seen instead is a fox. I heard about the fox before I saw it.

A few months ago, a young couple moved into the house behind my home. The husband's dad is over a lot. We both have sunrooms. Many times in the morning I will go outside into my sun room and my neighbor's dad and his dog are inside their sunroom or out in the yard. One morning, he told me he saw a fox. I scrunched up my face, perplexed. I have lived in my home for over a decade and have never seen a fox. I told him this, but he was certain. I shrugged my shoulders and replied, "Time will tell."

Time did tell about a week later. I was driving home and in the middle of my street was the fox. My boys yelled "Take a picture," and I did. A couple of days later, this fox had the audacity to be sitting in my driveway, but it dashed off once it saw me pulling in my SUV. That made me nervous. I didn't know much about foxes, so I did some research.

I learned they are mostly scared of humans and will leave when they see one. They are also omnivores. This is probably why I haven't seen any rabbits. I saw a rabbit on a daily basis during spring. Maybe Peter turned into a delicious pie (Hey, I'm a former English teacher, so I had to stick to my Beatrix Potter reference). Being an omnivore means foxes also like to eat fruit and vegetables.

As long as the fox keeps the rabbits away (and I would not mind it having some chipmunks too), I'll consider it a friend. If my food starts coming up missing, then it will be my foe. I guess it is a wait and see situation.


Remember, anyone can be a gardener. You just need to get ready, get set, and grow!

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