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Blossom-End Rot

I have been growing peppers for years, but even I like to mix it up. This year I decided to grow purple bell peppers. I was so excited about it that I even sent my boys into the garden to find them once they started changing color from green to purple.

Unfortunately, at the end of the video. I saw a problem with a few peppers. It was blossom-end rot (BER). Although this is a common problem in gardens, I do not recall dealing with this before. This issue is caused due to the plant not having enough calcium. states, "Blossom-end rot is most common when the growing season starts out wet and then becomes dry when fruit is setting." Earlier this season, there were days that it rained heavily for several days in a row. I believe this was a contributing factor even though it was nice to not have to pull out the hose on those days. Cindy Fake, Horticulture and Small Farms Advisor for Nevada & Placer Counties gives more detailed information about BER in her article, "Managing Blossom-end Rot in Tomatoes and Peppers."

Some of my banana pepper suffered BER, too. I did not count it an entire loss. I cut off the bottom and ate the top. I am hoping that the other peppers will not have BER.


Remember, anyone can be a gardener. You just need to get ready, get set, and grow!

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