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A New Mint Plant & More

Unfortunately, the mint plant we had for years that we transplanted at the end of 2019 from our old house to our new house only survived for one more year. The mint did well during 2020, but in 2021, it gave up the ghost and went on yonder. Thus, we had to plant a new mint plant. This time we decided to plant sweet mint.

Here's the interesting part. If you recall, last year, I split that mint plant in half and gave half to my mom. The half my mom has is still alive.

In addition to stepping outdoors, we spent some time indoors updating our website. You can now find the following:

You will also notice that I will mostly only have one of my sons in the videos moving forward unless my husband videotapes or we have the camera stationary on a stand. Gardener James and Gardener Jerry are learning how to videotape this year. Currently, they are working on following what is happening when they are recording and learning when they should zoom in and when they should zoom out.

The next step will be video editing. Say some prayers because this is a learning curve for all involved. I am giving up control of some of the videotaping and my perfectionist tendencies have to take a back seat to my sons learning these skills.

Below, I have included the mint video. We will have more updates soon!


Remember, anyone can be a gardener. You just need to get ready, get set, and grow!

To keep up with our 2021 garden, make sure you are connected to us on social media:

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