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Uncle Lindbergh's Harvest

Last month I wrote about the passing of my great uncle and fellow urban gardener Lindbergh Guyse. The day after his funeral, my family gathered at his home to harvest food from his garden. I harvested tomatoes, collards greens, and two types of peppers.

I enjoyed spending afternoons and evenings at his home harvesting vegetables while we chatted about life, and my boys ran around his yard. My uncle was a caterer for decades. When I came to harvest food at his home, I would bring some food from my garden. He would always ask me what I did with the food I harvested from his garden from my previous visit.

I thought I would share with my readers what I would have shared with him about what I did with the food I harvested after his funeral.

Collard Greens

After cleaning the greens, I froze them. I plan to cook them later this month for Thanksgiving.

Peppers & Tomatoes

I found out the hard way the dark green peppers were really hot. My family couldn't eat them. I bet my uncle would have gotten a kick out of that. I knew some of his peppers were hot peppers. I just couldn't remember which ones were that day. I stuffed the mild peppers with risotto, portabella mushrooms, ground lamb, and tomatoes. I topped them with colby jack shredded cheese.


I diced the tomatoes and used them on top of a meatball sub.


Tomatoes & My Peppers

I still had some tomatoes left and I had harvested some lunch box peppers from my garden. I sautéed them and put them on my ziti pasta and grilled chicken.

When I cook the greens for Thanksgiving, I will follow up with how I prepared them.

Remember, anyone can be a gardener. You just need to get ready, get set, and grow!



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