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One Way to Use Extra Herbs

With each passing day, the temperature drops. I'm in the process of harvesting as much as I can from my garden and getting it ready for winter. I have an abundance of herbs. I have been using fresh herbs in my harvest meals, giving fresh herbs away, and drying herbs, but I still have a lot of herbs left in my garden.

I tried something new with some of my dried lavender which is pictured above. I decided to add it to a candle. This is simple to do if you have a candle warmer. I placed a vanilla scented candle on my candle warmer and let it melt completely. Next, I added in the dried lavender. Now, I have a vanilla and lavender scented candle. Once the candle warmer is off, the candle solidifies. Now, I have a piece of my garden inside my home throughout fall and winter.

Fellow gardeners, what are some ways you use up extra herbs?

Remember, anyone can be a gardener. You just need to get ready, get set, and grow!



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