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Who's in Your Garden Network?

Being a gardener is rewarding, but at times you may feel like you won't reap the rewards. This is why it is important to be part of a garden network. Other gardeners can provide tips and support. This can be in your neighborhood or online. Personally, I'm part of both.

This summer my neighborhood started a garden club. I have had schedule conflicts so I haven't been able to come to a meeting yet, but I was excited to know that other people in my neighborhood were also growing their own food.

Other gardeners in my network are my parents and great uncle. The best part about having gardeners you know locally in your network is you can visit their gardens and get a hand-on experience with their techniques. You can also trade produce.

This year, I have been getting beets and mustard greens from my parents and collard greens and tomatoes from my uncle. In return, I have provided zucchini and herbs.

When you have a problem in your garden, don't give up. Don't believe you are not capable of growing food. You can do this! Just reach out for a little support.

Remember, you just need to get ready, get set, and grow!

Gardener Shicole

Check out the slideshow of Jerry and James harvesting food from their grandparents' garden.



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