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Caprese Zucchini Boat

For the last several years, zucchini has been a staple in our garden. This year, we changed it up a bit by growing yellow zucchini instead of the traditional green zucchini. I love the bright color and the taste is great. Besides the zucchini that was devoured by a garden pest, we were able to harvest 10 medium to large sized yellow zucchini this season.

That's a lot of meals where I can incorporate this veggie. This means I need to diversify how I use it, so dinner doesn't get boring. Personally, I eat a bowl of oatmeal about 320 days a year for breakfast with cinnamon, honey, and pecans or fruit. My hubby on the other hand needs variety in how meals are made and will not eat the same dish the same way back to back.

Our family really loves caprese salad, so I thought about using those flavors with one of our zucchini.

Check out how the recipe came together.

Caprese Zucchini Boat

1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

2. Get one zucchini.

3. Chop off the ends and cut the zucchini in half long ways.

4. Use a spoon to remove the seeds. Then, you will have two zucchini boats.

5. Now, it is time for olive oil. You can use a pastry brush to apply olive oil to the inside of the zucchini boat or you can use olive oil spray. Note: Only get spray that does NOT contain propellant. You don't need that chemical in your body!

6. Season the zucchini to your taste with black pepper, salt, and dried oregano.

7. Roast for 35 minutes.

8. Add your favorite tomato sauce.

9. Cover with mozzarella; we decided to use mozzarella balls this time. Place the zucchini boats back in the oven for five minutes or enough time for the cheese to melt.

10. After you take the zucchini boats out of the oven, place fresh basil leaves on top and drizzle with some balsamic glaze.

There you have have it. I hope you will try this recipe!

Gardener Shicole



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