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Pest Problems

Each year, I typically vent about aphids and the cabbage butterfly. The insects have been pretty low key this year and haven't done much damage. This year, it's the four-footed pests that are out of control.

Normally, the only thing I cover in my garden is greens to stop the cabbage butterfly from laying eggs on them and my strawberries to keep birds away. This year, I have had to cover a lot more because of rabbits and chipmunks.

I purchased cloches to cover my basil and peppers. My peppers were getting eaten and so was the basil. Then, I had to cover my tomatoes. These chipmunks for some reason got some sort of enjoyment out of biting into my tomatoes and spiting them out on the ground. Why?!?! The worse offense was my zucchini. One of those pests ate the entire inside of one!

This summer has been hot and some plants have struggled and to make matters worse, I had to fend off more pests than usual. The upside is the covers are working. This is my first year buying cloches and I really like them.

I'm starting to think that rabbit stew sounds good.

Gardener Shicole



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