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Urban Gardening is My Passionate Purpose

The Phoenix Soul is an online indie magazine dedicated to transparency, truth sharing, the journey of self, and the lifting up of others. This publication is ad-free and reader supported.

I love this description below from The Phoenix Soul website describing what you will find in its pages.

We speak love into hidden hurts. We rise from the ashes of shame, regret, doubt, and fear: we choose to emerge, to be reborn, to live and breathe our daily transformation--the holy howl of yes. We protect the divine spark smoldering at our core. We embrace the wilderness of our hearts. We live with intention, compassion, vulnerability, and brave truth.

What I love even more is being included in this issue with a tribe of wonderful women!

I have included an excerpt below of my piece. Please consider purchasing a copy; it's only $6.00 and it will be $6.00 well spent. You will learn more about why I am so passionate about gardening and you will learn about the passion of other women who are featured. Happy reading!

Gardener Shicole

Excerpt from my piece "Urban Gardening" in The Phoenix Soul issue Passionate Purpose

As a child, Shawnta Shicole Barnes enjoyed walking the rows of her great uncle Moses’ large vegetable garden. Neighbors stopped by to socialize and pick veggies. Later, her father and his cousin tilled their backyard and began their own garden.

Now, Shawnta carries on the tradition with her husband and their seven-year-old identical twin boys, Jeremiah and James. (We first met them in Shawnta’s powerful essay about their NICU beginnings, published in our Wild Joy issue.) She’s teaching them what she learned as a child: “the power of connecting family through growing your own food.”



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