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Red, White, and Blueberry

We live minutes away from Driving Wind Berry Farm. We love to visit the farm and pick blueberries as well as purchase honey and other wonderful items from their store. As an urban gardener, you may not be able to grow every item you like to eat, so it is important to know other gardeners and farmers in your local area where you can purchase produce to supplement what you grow.

Check out Gardener Jerry's recollection of our trip to the berry farm and Gardener James' blueberry picking tips.

Gardener Shicole


Thursday, June 28, 2018

My mom told me that we were going to pick blueberries. First, we drove to the blueberry farm. Next, we got a bucket to put the blueberries in. Then, we started to pick blueberries. We got a lot. Last, we went to a lady and she weighed the blueberries and told us how much the blueberries cost. My mom paid for them.

Gardener Jerry


Watch the video to check out Gardener James' Blueberry Picking Tips



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