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Chive Blossom Vinegar

Tomorrow, my boys James and Jerry (yes, he is going by a nickname now) will complete first grade. Beginning with this blog post, Gardener James and Gardener Jerry will be writing and taking pictures for our Gardener Shicole website and recording video for our Gardener Shicole YouTube Channel. Featured in this blog post is Gardener James' recap of making chive vinegar and in the video when you see Gardener Shicole, Gardener Jerry was person who did the video taping.

Gardener Shicole


Jeremiah and I went to cut some chive flowers and we washed the flowers in the house. Then, we put the flowers in vinegar. The vinegar was in a cup. One of the cups was hot because it was put on the oven. The two other cups were cold. Then, we put it in the cabinet. Then, we waited.

Gardener James



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