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Gardener Shicole’s Top Six Gardening Videos

We have had a YouTube channel since 2013, but most of my focus has been on blogging and perfecting harvest recipes. This year, we made an effort to at least double the amount of videos we published from the previous year and we surpassed our goal. We went from publishing five YouTube videos in 2016 to publishing 22 in 2017.

My high school students told me that if I wanted to become a real YouTuber that I needed to produce videos more frequently. They also told me the videos didn't need to be super long either. Since I know my students are more social media savvy than I am, I took their advice.

I started my website just for my family and friends. Now, I’m part of a larger urban gardener community and our viewers get to see my children learn gardening as they grow. My husband and I recently had our sons view some of the earlier videos from 2013 when we first had them in the garden and they had a great time watching themselves back then.

Below are our six most watched YouTube videos from 2017. Thanks for watching. We really appreciate those of you who have shared our videos or reached out to us with follow up questions.

6. From Our Grandparents’ Grapevine

5. Beets Harvest

4. How to Make Grape Juice

3. Growing Pumpkins & Watermelon Vertically

2. Summer Solstice Garden Harvest

1. Mason Jar Ice Cream

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