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Winter Solstice 2017

Today is the Winter Solstice. Happy winter! There is no better way to harken winter than with some hearty chili. I normally make chili at least once each winter season except for last winter. My husband points out frequently how he was deprived of my chili during winter last year. My chili specialty is a lamb and veal chili.

As most know, I’m an educator and last Friday was my last day of school. My sons attend school in a different district than I work, so their last day before winter break was today. I decided with this free time I had to myself with my boys being at school, I would make some chili. I wasn’t able to obtain veal, so I made lamb and bison chili this time. I incorporated a few items from our garden: shallots, oregano and thyme. As the chili was simmering, I decided to send the following text and picture below to my hubby to let him know he had been heard.

He’s a Senior Oracle Database Administrator for the State of Indiana and he works a lot of hours providing highly available enterprise database solutions for the state and its agencies. I typically expect home him late in the evening. That text prompted him to find a way to wrap up the day and he was home during the early evening. I guess I should dub this chili the “make your man come home early from work” chili. I hope your family is enjoying this first day of winter and the holiday season!

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