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Using Leftover Beet Juice

Although beets come in different varieties and can be striped like a peppermint, typically when someone mentions beets, you see a picture of a purple root vegetable in your mind. If you have ever handled beets, you are aware of the purple stain that gets on your hands or even on your clothes if you're not careful. This purple color also escapes into water if you boil beets. Typically if you are boiling an item, once it has reach it's desired state, you toss the water. I am challenging you to hold on to your beet juice.

A few weeks ago, my boys harvested beets from my parents' garden. We never grow beets because my parents grow them. A few days ago, I decided to pickle the beets we harvested. Before I added in my spices, I boiled the beet and saved the water. Some people save the beet juice and use it to boil pasta or another item and this is a great idea, but that's not what we did. We decided if you have beet juice, you might as well make beet lemonade.

Click here for the recipe and watch the video below to see how my boys reacted to drinking beet lemonade for the first time.

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