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Harvest Videos

When I was in first grade, my classroom had two IBM Apple computers. I don't remember much about them (except playing Oregon Trail) because we didn't use them often. At that time, we didn't even have a computer in my house. Our sons, who began first grade a week ago, have been inundated with technology from birth. Although, we limit their technology usage, they have access to and are more aware of technology than I was back in first grade in 1989.

They are aware we have a garden website and that the pictures and videos I take are uploaded online. Quite frequently, they will ask to see the pictures or watch the videos just like they are doing in the picture below. Now, they would like to take a more active role and be in more videos. This inspiration came when we did a couple of videos with their cousins Zoe and Phoenix. As an educator, I know children today are digital citizens, but many times children don’t have proper guidance on using technology appropriately and productively.

I hope through allowing them to take a more active role, they will have a better understanding of technology and understand how to use it for good such as sharing knowledge about gardening.

We have decided to film some short garden harvest videos throughout the summer. Below are a few videos we have completed so far. Maybe mom and dad will get in front of the camera in some of the future videos.

Picking Pole Beans

Picking Tomatoes

Radish Harvest

Harvesting Lettuce Part I

Harvesting Lettuce Part II

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