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Argh Aphids!

Aphids, also known as the gardener's nemesis, have made their annual appearance in our garden. Their victim this time was our dwarf tendersweet pea plant. Our pea plant was doing well. We were eating both the pea shoots and the pea pods. Then, I noticed that a part of the plant was turning brown. My son James, who planted the peas went to investigate. He lifted up part of the plant that was hanging over the pot and called out, "Mommy, look at all of these aphids; we need some ladybugs."

Last year, in my blog post "Garden Guards," I shared how my boys learned about ladybugs and how they protect the garden from aphid intruders. We went to The Garden Center and picked up some ladybugs to release in our garden right before dusk.

Boy, were these ladybugs excited to come home with us. They had a cozy little plant to catch some shade under and an aphid buffet. While my children played, aphids were being slayed. (The English teacher in me can't help from switching over to poetic verse sometimes.)

Below, I have shared a video I recorded of one garden guard enjoying a meal. Viewer discretion is advised.

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