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Summer Solstice

Summer solstice is the celebration of the first day of summer and it's the longest day of the year. What better way is there to spend summer solstice than in the garden! Today is extra special because my nieces Zoe and Phoenix are visiting for a few days during their summer break. Their mom is also a gardener, so they had no trouble jumping right in and helping us harvest some herbs, blueberries, and peas we will use in our meals this week.

Not only was everyone eager to go outside and enjoy the summer sun, they also had ideas about what they wanted to do with the items they harvested.

After cleaning off what they had picked, I chose to incorporate the peas into our meal tonight. With our baked chicken, we had risotto. I mixed into the risotto some okra we had stored from last year's garden and the peas James picked today.

Everyone enjoyed the meal. Tomorrow, we will use the mint in some homemade ice cream. Hopefully, everyone will enjoy it just as much as they enjoyed tonight's meal...there were no leftovers.

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