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Gardening from Father to Daughter

When I was in elementary and middle school, I remember my dad taking me to his Uncle Moses' home where he had a huge garden on the south side of Indianapolis. He had everything - greens, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, corn - just to name a few. Even though my dad's mom lived in an apartment, she would grow tomatoes in a pot on her back porch. In 1998, when I was in high school, both my grandmother and her brother Moses passed away. During the late 90s, my dad decided to start his own garden.

My dad made a garden plan and involved my mom, sisters, and me. It became a shared family experience and a way for us all to spend quality time together. Planting vegetables, harvesting them, cleaning them, and making a meal can be time consuming, but when you can do it with family, it makes it more enjoyable. As a family we have had some of our best times talking and laughing while completing a garden task.

One of my sisters and I are now gardeners and we are passing gardening on to our children. My dad being married to our mom and being present in our lives is a blessing. I am also glad that part of the knowledge he passed down to us was gardening.

Many of you have asked when I would write my dad's urban gardener story. You don't have to wait any longer. It's on our website now.

Happy Father's Day Dad!

James Stockton's Garden Summer 2016

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