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School Learning Gardens

I'm so glad it is spring! Spinach, mint and sage are growing nicely in my garden. This makes me happy, but what I am most excited about is being able to share my love of gardening with students at my school.

December 2016, I decided to submit an application to The Kitchen Community Indy (TKC Indy) for my school, where I serve as a Literacy Coach, to receive a learning garden. On Wednesday, February 8th, I found out my school had been selected.

Gardens of Growth began constructing our learning garden the last week of March during our spring break. There is some landscaping that will still need to be completed, but enough of the learning garden was ready for our all day kick-off event that took place on Tuesday, April 11th.

The Kitchen Community's Garden Educators, Tim Villard from TKC Colorado and Joris Van Zeghbroeck from TKC Indy, came to our school on Tuesday to facilitate the lessons during the kick-off. In addition to the lessons, the first half of the day was spent with the older students filling the garden beds with dirt and during the second half of the day, the younger students planted our spring garden.

Students planted: lettuce, dwarf peas, cilantro, spinach, and radishes. We will be able to harvest the food and make salad before school ends on June 8th.

After the school day ended, staff gathered in the learning garden to learn more about TKC and our learning garden plan.

TKC Indy's goal is to have at least 100 learning gardens at schools in Indianapolis. I hope they meet this goal. I am also grateful that many guests attended our event including Carrie Petty, TV personality, master gardener, and author.

It was a great day at our school. I 'm glad my school was given this opportunity. I can't wait until harvest day!

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