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Fellow Urban Gardeners

There is a wealth of knowledge online and in books to guide novice to master gardeners on techniques and tips to produce the best harvest. Gaining knowledge through reading is great, but sometimes you want to lament, vent, ask for advice, or share your success with other gardeners you know. If your gardening friend lives close by, it also provides you with a harvest trading network.

I have added a new tab to the menu on to feature gardening stories of gardeners we know. My great uncle, Lindbergh Guyse, was happy to be our first feature. It was great to sit down with him and listen to his story about his life in Forest, Mississippi before he moved to Indianapolis. We live on the same side of Indianapolis and frequently trade. He started some collards greens from seed and we traded some sage for six of them. Those collards are growing nicely in our garden now. To read his gardening story click here.

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