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The Plan - Garden 2016

Beginning stages of 2016 Garden

When winter seems too long, my mind escapes to thoughts of summer and gardening. Once the sunlight lasts a little longer into the evening and spring arrives, my mind is filled with thoughts about all the wonderful herbs, vegetables, and fruit I can grow. This year, I decided to make a map of our garden and all the other places we could grow plants, such as the window sill in our sunroom, our shepherd hooks, and the planters built into our deck. My husband and I wanted to be intentional about what we were planting and we wanted to maximize our space available for growing whether that be growing vertically or companion planting. Secretly, I believe my husband hope having a mapped out plan will curve any temptation I have to bring home a plant even if I haven't thought about where it would grow. In my defense last year, The Garden Center was giving parsley plants away for free. How could I turn down a free plant? Just like any plan it is evolves as needed. The version here is our third update.

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