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Sweet Mint

Last year, we grew mint for the first time. We selected two chocolate mint plants from our local nusery and grew them in pots on the window sill of our sunroom. The plants did not grow back this year. We really liked the chocolate mint so we purchased two new plants this year and one sweet mint plant. We placed one plant in each planter we have built into our deck. The sweet mint plant grew quickly. It was time to harvest some leaves and make something tasty.

We really love homemade lemonade; we just had to figure out how minty we wanted to make it. There are many varieties of mint and they each have their own flavor and mint strength. For example, we know chocolate mint has a more intense mint flavor than sweet mint. Since my husband did not want the lemonade too intense, we made the lemonade with the sweet mint this time. It was so good! Click here to check out our Minty Sweet Lemonade recipe.

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