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Bok Choy/Pak Choy

As a gardener, it is important to grow food you love to eat. When I started drinking green smoothies, I discovered bok choy. Boy choy, a Chinese cabbage, is one of my favorite leafy vegetables to use in my green smoothies. Last year, I only used the kale greens I grew in my smoothies and this year I wanted to grow some bok choy. I went to a local nursery to buy some bok choy transplants, but all I could find was pak choy. I would later learn that boy choy and pak choy are the same plant and sometimes choy is spelled choi. Under the description section of this bok choy webpage, various names for this Chinese cabbage are listed.

On April 26th, my sons and I added the pak choy I purchased to our garden. It grew quickly! In a month's time it was ready to harvest. Unfortunately, our May 26th harvest date was a little too late for a couple of our pak choy because they had bolted. The Royal Horticultural Society says bolting is when, "Plants flower and set seed, rather than producing edible roots. This is usually caused by stress – a cold spell or drought." Since a few plants had bolted, we decided to harvest all of the pak choy immediately.

What is great about pak choy is that it regrows. When you harvest it, you need to cut it a couple of inches above the base and then it will regrow. In thirty days, you will be able to harvest again.

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