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Garden Pests

Every day, I love to walk through my garden. It is important to be an observant gardener so you can notice problems when they first arise.

We live in an area with plenty of mature trees and those trees have residents who like to take a stroll in our garden and dig.

It is really frustrating to see a plant thriving and then to later see it dug up and even damaged. We wanted to find a way to encourage these animals to dig elsewhere.

It is pretty simple. We went to the grocery store and purchased cayenne pepper and sprinkled it in the areas where they like to dig. The only downsides are:

-you have to reapply after you water your plants or after it rains.

-you have to keep your children from getting it in their eyes

-you need to rinse off your vegetables thoroughly before eating them....unless you want an extra kick.

My father takes a different approach. He sets traps to catch the animals. He has caught: squirrels, opossums, raccoons, and chipmunks. He only uses live trap. After the animals are caught, he releases them in a park across town.

In the end, both of us just want to our gardens to be pest free.

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