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Sharing Garden Love

I couldn't think of a better way to begin my Mother's Day this year than to spend time in the garden with my children.

This morning, we transplanted two chocolate mint plants into two built-in planters on our deck. We also transplanted quite a few pole bean plants, we grew indoors, to their spot in our garden.

I may never become a master know-it-all gardener, but if my sons (and any future children we are blessed with) have their own gardens someday, I will be overjoyed.

How We Succeeded in Getting Our Children Excited about Gardening

-We purchased kid-size gardening tools for them.

-We asked them for suggestions about what we grow in our garden.

-We let them sow seeds and water plants.

-We allow them to harvest, clean, and help cook the harvest (under supervision).

We want our children to understand where food comes from, so we involve them as much as possible in the garden to plate process. Even if you don't have children, share your love of gardening with someone.

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