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Spring Spinach Harvest

We love spinach. It is easy to grow; however, we don't plant spinach the traditional way. Typically, you read the package, and it tells you how to space the spinach seeds and how deep they need to be. That's not our method.

When we plant spinach, we take a handful of seeds and shake them out in our raised bed. Then we take a hand rake and lightly rake the seeds into the dirt. So, why do we do this?

It is easy, but spinach does have one pitfall. It bolts. That means once it gets warm, spinach plants grow flowers to produce seeds. This is bad. The leaf of the plant goes from oval to a triangle. Triangle shaped spinach does not taste good; it is bitter.

normal spinach versus bolted spinach

We don't put in too much effort in the planting because it is easy to grow and doesn't stick around long.

With this harvest, we made a simple salad. The salad had spinach leaves, chives, and honey roasted almonds topped with a balsamic vinegar. It was soooooo good.

Remember, anyone can be a gardener. You just need to get ready, get set, and grow!

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