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Harvesting Together

Gardening is a labor of love. It can be time consuming and then there are those pesky weeds that appear and reappear with a vengeance. Time spent in the garden is an opportunity to bond and spend quality time with family and friends. Over the course of this summer, we have split our time to work in four gardens: our own, my parents, my great uncle and my previous school.

Over many summers, our sons have improved their harvesting skills. When they were younger, they would occasionally pull too hard and uproot a plant or knock off flowers of the tomato plant where a tomato could have grown. Now, when we ask them to harvest herbs, fruit or vegetables, they’ll say, “Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.” We no longer have to watch them like a hawk for fear a plant will be trampled or damaged.

The conversations we have while harvesting and working together in the garden means the most to me. Today, you could be in the same room with your family, but each person is engaged in a technological device and no quality time is taking place. While in the garden, my husband and I have learned what our children like, how school is going, questions they have about life and thoughts that worries them. I wouldn’t trade this time for anything. Not only is gardening good for your health, it is also good for strengthening your relationships with your loved ones. Get out and garden!

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