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February Reflection

February 2017 has been a short, but eventful month.

Garden 2017

In Indiana, we are known to have crazy weather; even a mix of weather within one day. The number of warm days we have had in February have been unusual and has awaken some plants in our garden. As shown above, garlic, spinach, mint and chives are already growing in our 2017 garden. We are taking advantage, but are cautious because the next thing you know, we could have a blizzard (but hopefully not!).

Learning Garden

December 2016 I decided to submit an application to The Kitchen Community Indy for my school, where I serve as a Literacy Coach, to receive a learning garden. On Wednesday, February 8th, I found out my school had been selected.

I was excited for our school to be selected and for our students to have the opportunity to grow food. Unfortunately, the next day, Thursday, February 9th, my principal informed me my literacy coaching position is being eliminated and I am being displaced. This means I won't be returning to my school next school year, but I will have a job in the school district. The learning garden will be constructed in April and we will begin growing food in the spring. I'm excited I will get to be part of that.

Birthdays and a Lizard!

Although I received some unexpected news, I still consider February 2017 to be a good month. It is also a special month for our family because our sons were born. Their original due date was April 29, 2011. Although we are glad they are healthy and happy now, we were scared about how early they were born,10 weeks, and we thought we would never have an outdoor birthday party since they have a winter birthday.

Last year, on their birthday, it was 70 degrees - yes 70 degrees in February in Indiana - so we did what any reasonable people would do, we moved the indoor party outdoors and pulled out the grill. This year, it was around 65 degrees; we didn't go outside but we could have.

We now have two six-year-old boys! On Christmas day 2015, we gave them a leopard gecko, Starlight, and shortly after their fifth birthday, it died. They have been asking for a new pet ever since. For their sixth birthday, we gave them a bearded dragon, Zippy, and they were so excited. Unlike leopard geckos, who only eat live insects, bearded dragons are omnivores and enjoy eating insects (dead or alive) and vegetables. We were able to give Zippy some fresh chives from our garden this morning.

We hope these warm days continue. We are still working on our 2017 garden plan. We can't wait to put our plan (once it's finished) into action.

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