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Cooking Harvest Meals with Kids

Even before a child is able read, he or she could probably identify multiple fast food restaurants. With all of the advertisements targeting children, it is easy for them to think and believe food comes from the grocery store or a restaurant. One of the benefits of being urban gardeners with children is teaching them where food really comes from and how it begins as a seed and ends up on their plate.

This week we harvested: lavender, rosemary, sage, oregano, nasturtium flowers, spinach, radishes, and strawberries. For lunch, we made herb pizza. Our boys picked and cleaned the oregano and rosemary and then they sprinkled it all over the pizza. I added some dried thyme we harvested a few weeks prior. For our side, we made a salad. Our ingredients were: spinach, radishes, nasturtium flower petals, and strawberries. "We just walked out there and picked our lunch," exclaimed James. Our boys really enjoy being part of the process.

For dinner we decided to put our herbs to use again. We made oven-roasted herb corn on the cob. The best part was having the aromatic smell of herbs in the air as our food cooked.

Children won't know the benefit of growing their own food and healthy eating unless they are taught.

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