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Those White Butterflies

"Mommy, look it's a white butterfly!"

My boys get so excited when they see a white butterfly flying around in our garden and I let out a sigh. I know the butterfly is there with one purpose to lay her eggs. This year, we have been doing a better job of inspecting our veggies while they are growing, but we can't guard them 24/7. We use our hose to wash off eggs and we pick out any caterpillars we see and discard them. Next year, we plan to use a barrier around our cabbages and greens to prevent the butterflies from being able to lay their eggs on those veggies in the first place.

Although, some of our cabbage leaves have been munched on, we still have six cabbage growing. Last year, we were only able to harvest two cabbages. We are still excited despite the bite marks.

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