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How to Make Basil Pesto

Almost every year we have had a garden, we have grown basil. We started out growing the traditional sweet basil. Over the years, we have grown different varieties such as, Thai basil, spicy globe basil, red rubin basil, lettuce leaf basil, and lime basil. At times we dry it to use throughout the colder months, other times we use it fresh in dishes, but our favorite use is making pesto. Our family loves to eat pesto on French bread for a snack.

A few years ago, we posted our pesto recipe on the website. As we work to expand our video content, we aim to upload videos of us making our recipes. For our first recipe video, we chose to demonstrate how we make our pesto.

If there is a variety of basil, you have grown that we haven't grown yet. Let us know.

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