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Kids in the Garden - Radish Plants

This past May, our boys had the opportunity to grow a plant at preschool. One chose to plant radishes and one chose to plant parsley. Both of their plants were growing well, but when it was time to take the plants home the teacher informed us they needed to keep the plants longer because they wanted the students' projects on display for the upcoming state inspection. By the time the inspection happened, the plants were not healthy enough to transplant to our garden. Our boys were devastated. They asked could they have a do over and plant new plants in our garden.

Our boys decided they wanted to plant the same plant this time and they chose to sow radish seeds. (Luckily, our local garden store was giving away parsley plants one day, so we have that too! Thanks Garden Center!). We bought them each a pot, let them help us fill it with dirt, and they got to sow the seeds. Radishes were the perfect plant for them because the wait time until harvest is short.

A few days ago, our boys were able to harvest some of their radishes. We added the radish bulbs to a salad we had for dinner that night. We used the radish greens in a pesto. Click here for the recipe. I wish I would have videotaped our boys tasting radishes for the first time. Their faces were so funny. I told them they could give me their radishes to eat if they didn't want them. One quickly retorted, "Mommy, we grew them, so WE get to eat them."

The next day, we sowed some more seeds. In a few weeks, it will be harvest time again.

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